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Jeff Gaura retired from corporate America while he’s still young and healthy and has decided to put his love of Christ into stories. Jeff joined the Peace Corps at age twenty-one, and he developed a relationship with the people of the Himalayan nation of Nepal, and his nonprofit has built many schools over the last thirty years.

He and his wife, Linda, live in rural North Carolina, in a log home, where they farm and teach wellness and fitness. They have two sons, Alex and Michael. Michael and his wife, Lauren, live in Charlotte; and his other son, Alex, is a student at the Barrett Honors College at Arizona State.

Jeff competes internationally as a cyclist and runner, and he writes stories of his events and learnings. Jeff is a prolific blogger, and his works can be found at https://thresholdacademy.com/blog/.

Jeff Gaura

The Seeker Trilogy

Behind the Secrets in the Fall of Jerusalem: Book 1

Behind the Secrets in the Fall of Jerusalem: Book 1

Jesus, the Messiah, has come and gone to heaven, and the expectation of freedom from the oppression of the Roman empire didn’t happen.  People are depressed, and the Hebrew faith is under attack like at no time in recent memory.  Jewish leadership has allied themselves with the occupying Romans, and Jerusalem has grown into a tourist capital.  Little did they know that their world would change very shortly, displaying the power of God and how He keeps his promises.

Meet a young girl from a distant Hebrew village with some secrets.  She meets a young and altruistic Rabbi-in-training and a Roman Legate, and between them, they have an encounter with the Living God, meeting the makers of history, in the interim.

The Emperor and the Ring: Book 2

The Emperor and the Ring: Book 2

Rome ruled Judah in the first century, but neither party wanted the other.

The book is action-packed and takes place in ancient Judah as well as in the Colosseum of downtown Rome.

Two Hebrew cousins experience great atrocities and feel that they have no other hope than to attempt to cross the sea to reach Rome and seek an audience with the emperor. Along the way, they both evade and experience traumatic events as they seek out an opportunity to get their family back. They meet changers of history as they, themselves, become part of Hebrew history books.

Of Healing and Finding Home: Book 3

Of Healing and Finding Home: Book 3

The Roman Empire had everything, but it also took everything, especially from followers of Yeshua who didn't know the cost of participation.

Caleb and Eliza return from Rome with a letter from the emperor and a new sister. Despite having exactly what they need, their hearts are riddled with emotional baggage that comes from attempting to be a Roman at a time of great social sin. With Caleb's parents dead and Eliza's parents enslaved, they must push forward with a plan to find them. In the middle of their search, they find their life's identity as they twist through the healing process that leads them to unexpected sacrifice.


Letters to and from Eternity

Letters To and From Eternity

Official release date set for January 7, 2022

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