We cancelled our Spanish Cycling Tour due to international travel restrictions created by the fears of COVID.  We decided not to contract the number of tours but have added an additional trip to our line up. Alex and I sought a trip that was of interest that best addressed the global fear of COVID that is impacting people’s decision making.  We are pleased to announce a 2nd Blue Ridge Parkway Cycling Tour to replace the lost trip.  The Blue Ridge Parkway Cycling Tour was an easy choice, and here is why.

Reasons for the New Trip

We needed to address fears associated with the risks posed by international air travel.  We needed a response that would allow US Citizens a chance to do something epic that didn’t require a passport. This trip in Virginia and North Carolina accommodates that expectation nicely.   Nearly everyone on the east cost can drive there.  West coasters can make it to DC or Asheville without any international travel. Success.

The second point is that we live in close proximity to the parkway.  This affords up the freedom to make last minute changes to accommodations and road conditions.  We can’t do that with our international trips.  This trip allows us to remove some of the cancellation policies that we normally must enforce. We can let people cancel as late as 30 days out and provide a full refund, now.

Third point is that we already have one trip to the Blue Ridge Parkway on our calendar, so adding a second was easy.  Our hotel partners were ready to embrace a second batch of Threshold Academy riders.

Lastly, we can drive both to the start and the end of the trip.  As such, there is no need to outsource any of the important resources.  We can handle all parts of the planning and execution as easily as if we lived on the edge of the parkway.

Why Ride with Jeff and Alex?

Alex and I are both endurance athletes, and we plan these trips with the endurance athlete and cycling enthusiast in mind.  We handle all the logistics and make the trips such that all you need to do is show up.  With our ability to pick up riders every day at 1:30 pm, we can claim that this trip accommodates every level of cyclist.  All of our staggered start times keep the group together around feeding times, and everyone is done by early afternoon, each day.

You only significant planning is deciding if you want to rent a bike or bring your own.  We own the task of managing all accommodations and food most meals, as well as transportation during the days you are with us.  Sorry, though, we don’t allow pets.

Our new Blue Ridge Parkway Cycling Tour is scheduled for 25 May, 2021 through 2 June, 2021.  We will start at the Northern Terminus and pedal south, until we reach Cherokee, NC.  With this road being a crown jewel of the park system, we are excited to see the impact this route will make on your cycling lifestyle.  The university system published a series of resources on the Blue Ridge Parkway that you should check out.