During the fall of 1989, I took two of my favorite students with me to trek the Annapurna region of Nepal. These boys had grown up in the Terai (think HOT) part of Nepal and had never seen snow nor touched Nepal’s famous Himalayan mountains. I would love nothing more than to grant these students with scholarships.

Nepali Scholarships.  Jeff Gaura and Nav Raj Adhikari
Nav Raj, before he travelled to the Himalaya for the first time.

Their time trekking in arguably the most beautiful mountains in the world changed their world view. For both of them, that was their first experience with foreigners other than Peace Corps Volunteers. They got to see hydroelectric dams, solar panels and Sherpas, for the first time in their lives.

Fast forward, 30 years. One of these boys in now an elected official, working at the grassroots level to work for change and the other is now a headmaster at a school we have supported for years. Both serve on the board of The Nepal Project.

Nepali Scholarships.  Jeff Gaura and Nav Raj Adhikari.
Nav Raj, 25 years after his first visit, returns to Khumbu. He loves my Bose noise cancelling headset

In October, we want to take 4 students with us on our trek into the Everest Region. Nav Raj has already selected two of them and spoken to their families. I told him to find 2 more. I want to bring 2 boys and 2 girls with us all the way to Everest Base Camp.

To send one, we need about $350US. That is not the total cost. I am asking each student to come up with their own money to get to Kathmandu (this is about a week’s wage that they must come up with, on their own). From there, the $350 should cover all of their expenses.

Would you consider paying for one of these students visit the Nepali equivalent of Disneyland? If it is on your heart, please make the donation and send me a photo of you and your family. Each of these students will want to keep a photo of you. Remember, your photo is for their memories, not yours.

All your contributions are tax deductible, as always. There is an optional field when you give to specify any message in there that you want, and I will give it to the students.

Click here to donate scholarships and select the yellow donate now button on that page.

And thank you.