This week, I am in “school” for coaching at Training Peaks University, on the Campus of Colorado University in Boulder. I am one of 50 people here. The guy next to me is from Venezuela. There are folks from Australia, Belgium, Norway, Brazil, UK, Costa Rica, Norway, Argentina, Poland, and many US states. There already is excitement in the room just hearing where everyone is from. We are all getting better. 

Training Peaks University

I am not unique. Folks with Passion (Capital P) for their trade are here. There are coaches for ultra running, boxing, standup paddleboading (yes, this is a sport that has coaches) and even a story of a lady who specializes in training folks to keep up with their dogs when they take them outdoors. I didn’t make that up. People learning more about big data are here, as well as who have been coaching for nearly 40 years. I feel like I am at the United Nations swearing in ceremony.

At a more thoughtful level, though, why did I fly to Colorado to go to school for 4 days? Part of the goal of civilization is to lead society to conclude that education is not an event but a process. I am conditioned for that response. I think it feels good to learn something new. To that end, I want to be a better coach and learn how to use the tools available to me as best as I can. Why would you hire me if I already thought I knew it all?

Ideally, a coach is there with you during each workout to provide feedback in real time. They are there once you are done to review your numbers and metrics with you and give you feedback and suggestions for change. Since I am not next to you most of the time, TP gives me the ability to give you feedback as if I was next to you, care of a creative tool that runs on your phone.

Training Peaks is not a substitute for face to face experiences nor does change the same amount of work into getting better. However, it gives me feedback on how my athletes did and helps me schedule their workouts both quicker and with more detail than I would otherwise be able to do, at the price that I charge.

If you hire me, you get a free training peaks account. Don’t make it, though, until you hire me, since I have to connect your account to mine. When you do hire me, though, you will be using Training Peaks as we both are getting better.

You set the goals; I help you get there. This tool is our shovel, as we dig our foundation that will become a beautiful home one day.

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