The 2019 Nepal Project has completed its facelift. All its external facing web content is now a part of Threshold Academy, Inc. If you go to the old website, you end up here.

Why the change? It was overdue. The website information was no longer accurate. The ways to get involved left too many people feeling like they were on another planet. The leadership didn’t have a place to go to send out updates, either. Sure, we were making a difference, but our response time was poor, and we decided we can do better.

Four New Updates!

Two of the participants in our upcoming Himalayan expedition are raising money for the schools in Dang. They are personally travelling to Dang before our Everest trek to deliver their gift and message. They are communicating directly with the Nepali nationals, and I am out of the loop. For that last point alone, I am most grateful.

Second, we have one more spot left (potentially 3 more spots if you are willing to stay together) on our Everest Trek. I am routing all of the bookings through Megan Riley. She is a long time supporter of the Nepal Project and has visited all of our schools. Click here if you want to register to join us. By booking through Megan, a portion of your registration goes to The Nepal Project.

Third, I have updated all the 2019 financials and have posted them on the public website. Nothing to hide, so why not? A link to those documents can be found here.

Fourth, Nav Raj is beginning to gather materials and prepare the teachers to take new students at our newest school. He needs about $2000 to get all the stuff that he needs. We already have raised over $1000 of it, and I am wiring that money to the vendor tomorrow am. This next $1000 will go for materials and supplies for Montessori instruction for students in grades K-3.