It has been a long time since I have been able to write for the Nepal Project.  This last year my family and I decided that it was time to sell our business and move on to other things. I enjoyed some parts of working in my niche of the technology sector, but my passion was fading.  I sold the company to a man who had that passion, and I wish him and the new company the best.  My professional ship has left the harbor, and I am writing you from the shore, turning around and staring into the unknown.  I have no job title other than the one I assign myself in this new reality.

20171031_155158Hot on my list of items that I have planned in my new reality are two Himalayan Treks that include people like you.  In October of 2019, I will be taking 2 contingencies of people to Nepal.  Consider coming with me.

The first trip is a traditional Everest Region hike that includes trekking in the Khumbu valley along the famous Dudh Khosi river, spending the nights in traditional Sherpa Villages.  The trek ends at Everest Base Camp, where we turn around and head back to the normalcy of lower elevations.   We will see Yaks, incredible acts of physical strength and some of the most spectacular views on this Earth.

What separates this trek from other options is the cultural immersion.  Each participant will be “adding” a single Nepali teenager to their personal inventory list.  We will be taking one student from one of schools we have supported to join us.  For most Nepali citizens, the Khumbu valley is as far away as Beverly Hills is from Kansas.  Students read about Mt. Everest in their textbooks, but they never get to see it.   These students will be older, namely 17 to 21 years old, and able to assist you carry gear, negotiate for Knick knacks and be open to talking to you about anything. Their English will be a rudimentary, but they will hungry to learn.  Both Hishi and I will be translating for you, as you need it, and you will get to hear stories that would otherwise never make it to the ears of a foreign traveler.

nepal-everest-trek-day-5-Namche-bazaar-828x315The 2nd trip is for extreme athletes.  We take a more difficult route up to the Base Camp region, but instead of taking our time descending back to Lukla, we will run an Ultramarathon and descend the entire distance in a single day.  Our gear will be placed on Yaks and we will get it all back the next morning after a 23-mile downhill run in the valleys.

There are always concerns in this new reality when ideas like this are presented in writing.

I will have an FAQ question coming out, as the time to leave gets within 6 months, to help with preparation.  I am a USA Triathlon certified coach, and I am willing to create and monitor individualized training plans for each person who signs up, to make sure you are fit enough to participate the whole time.  We will have a dial in trip debriefing to help with gear selection, food choices and travel to Nepal several months before departure.

5% of all the money you pay for this trip will go to those same schools you have been supporting for years.

Here is the link to sign up and get some of your questions answered.

I welcome you to come and join the real world…my world…the third world.  Give back, while you are at it.