Change lives for the better through Pilates. Our guest today is Jill Hinson, owner of Core Studio Pilates and Yoga. In this episode, we discuss fitness, overcoming adversity, and faith. 

Jill is a cancer exercise specialist who has overcome many battles with cancer in her family and has somehow remained above the threshold throughout it all.  

She is also the founder of Core Compassion Project which provides Pilates scholarships to breast cancer survivors. Jill operates on the premise that no one should have to fight these challenges alone. 

Jill is a cultural chameleonShe has an incredible ability to form connections across cultures and overcome adversities in all forms. These abilities are on full display in our chat and serve as key takeaways we can apply in our lives. 

She opens up about her loved ones and the impact they’ve made on her life, overcoming some of life’s biggest obstacles and her insight on self-improvement. Her incredible mindset and desire to help those around her has us so excited to feature her on this podcast.   

It’s time to cross the threshold with Jill Hinson.


Are you looking to push above your threshold? We can help! 

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