Remaining above the threshold through life’s biggest challenges. Our guest today is Marty Cocking, field engineer and technical advisor to The Nepal Project. In this episode, we discuss The Nepal Projectbattling sexual assault, and overcoming addiction 

Marty is a sexual assault survivor who has dealt with major challenges due to this event and has somehow remained above the threshold throughout it all.  

Marty tells his story of what happened and his new life without fear of the details.  As such, parental discretion is advised, due the graphic nature of what you are about to hear. 

In his brokenness, Marty deeply embraced the principles of recovery from sexual addiction and is now 10 years sober.  He created a curriculum to help others in ministry assist those who suffer from sexual addiction.   

Today, Marty teaches bible studies and works with local ministries in and around Charlotte, NC. 

His incredible resilience and desire to impact lives of others suffering from addiction has us so honored to feature him on this podcast.    

It’s time to cross the threshold with Marty Cocking.


Are you looking to push above your threshold? We can help! 

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