Our next three scheduled tours are sold out.  The most frequently asked questions I get are about our tours.  I can coach no more than 5 athletes at a time, and each year, I can only accommodate a yearly total of 46 participants on my tours.  As such, things sell out quickly.  Here is an update about what is happening and what to expect.

Rafting and Fishing in Alaska, trekking in the Himalaya, and cycling in Spain have no more room for additional attendees.  We keep things intimate by keeping them small. That means the earliest you can join me on a trip is next May, June, or October.

May 2022: Blue Ridge Parkway Tour.  We learned a lot from our trip last summer, and we have made this trip even better.  You ride the entire 469 miles of the parkway (except for Parkway detours that we have no control over) from Rockfish Gap, VA, to Cherokee, NC.  If we have enough sign-ups, we are committed to offering a second tour.  May 21-29.  We have included round-trip travel to the start of the ride and back from the end of the ride from Charlotte as part of the package.  This simplifies logistics for everyone.   We remain capped by the Park Service at ten people.  We have three committed, so we have seven spots left.

Blue Ridge Parkway Cycling Tour

June 2022: Fishing and Canoeing in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area.  I began canoeing and fishing this part of the world in 1986, and I have lead groups too many times to count.  This paddling and camping adventure is meant for father/sons or husband/wife combinations who love exploring wild places.  We camp on different islands within the lake system, and we eat what we catch most days.  We start and end the trip in Ely, MN, but we accommodate airport pickups in Chicago and Duluth, MN, at specific times.   This trip is capped at 9 participants, and I count as one of the nine.  I already have two committed, so there are six spots left.

October 2022: Nepal Trekking and Tharu Village Visit.  I began my career in Nepal as a Peace Corps Volunteer, and my language and cultural skills separate this trip from any other offering you may see.  The first week we spend trekking between teahouses in the Himalaya, and the last part we spend in the Tharu villages, experiencing their culture at a time of the year when the celebration of the harvest is in full swing.  The village visit is the best part for most people.  We already have two commits on this trip. I can accommodate no more than seven other people (total of 10, including me).   I have decided to reduce the number I will take from 12 to 10, as the intimacy loss when we add lots of people is too much.

We already have some requests for 2023.  For sure, there will be a couple of cycling tours (Spain, France, Italy, and the USA) and another Alaska Rafting and Fishing Tour.  I will again go to the Himalaya during the harvest season.