COVID-19 represents one of the greatest reactions in our lifetime. Ironically, everyone in authority outside of your home wants you to stay inside of your home.

What are you doing to make these life changes become a good thing?

For most of us, we have time unallocated time.  Why not spend it on overcoming your fitness and health goals, with a little help from me?  Sure, you can spend extra time scrolling social media, but that will not make you live longer, nor will it give you the ability to do more and be more.  Health and fitness are instructed lifestyles. Don’t keep doing what you have always done. You won’t like the results.  

If you got this far, you might already have concluded that you need a coach.  You need someone to listen to the bottom of your heart’s desire and can create a plan to get you there.  A coach provides not only encouragement, but it also provides accountability more than a scale or a clock can ever hope to achieve.  A coach will cry with you (yes, I do!), and celebrate with you. A coach helps you create milestones in your achievements.

Some people want to run a marathon.  Some want to do a 5k breast cancer awareness walk.  Others want to compete in a National Championship. Whatever measurable fitness goal you have may be, I can help.  

It starts with a 45-minute call, following by training plans that I revisit every week with you.  We modify and make changes, as you progress.  

Interested? Schedule a call.